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Config and shortcut files are usually only fetched once, and after that are only taken from the browser cache. So if you have made changes to one of them, you need to reload them.

You can reload by:

  • prefixing your query with reload:, e.g. reload:g foobar
  • sending a query only containing reload
  • opening the Trovu homepage with

Debugging mode

Enter debugging mode with

  • , or
  • a query starting with debug:, e.g.: debug:g foobar

In debug, all the processing will be done – but without the actual redirect. You will be able to see

  • which config and shortcut URLs are being fetched
  • whether they are found in the browser cache or not
  • how a query got matched.

You can also combine debugging and reloading, e.g. debug:reload:g foobar


I Edited a Shortcut, but It Has No Effect

This might be a caching issue.

First, make sure if your edit arrived in . It should get updated automatically by a GitHub webhook on the git push event.

Then, you can either

  • call a query containing only reload,
  • call your query prefixed with reload:, e.g. reload:g foobar.

Both will cause your browser to reload the shortcut files from

If that did not help, try debugging mode (see above).

And if that did not help, clear your browser cache. There are extensions that make this easy, such as Clear Cache for Firefox or Clear Cache for Chrome.