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Use Trovu on your device

Desktop web browser



  1. Open, either with your GitHub username or without:
    •, or
    • (adjust to your country & language)
  2. In the browser address bar, right-click.
  3. Select Add "Trovu". It is the last item.
  4. Open a new tab with the URL:

  5. Under Default Search Engine, select Trovu.


  1. Open, either with your GitHub username or without:
    •, or
    • (adjust to your country & language)
  2. Open a new tab with the URL:

  3. There, right to Manage search engines is a search field. Search for Trovu.

  4. When found, click the 3 dots right to it.
  5. Select Make default.


Use one of these URL templates and add it where your browser allows to set custom browser search engines:

(Note the process/ part in the URL! You may need to adjust your country, language or github parameter.)


SearchBar Ex - Search Widget

This a free, generic app to search any search engine that supports URL with a %s placeholder.

  1. With your Android device, visit the app in the Play store
  2. Install it on your device.
  3. Open the app.
  4. Left to the search input, click on the icon.
  5. At the botton, click + Add
  6. Select Search
  7. Select Custom Search
  8. For name, enter "Trovu"
  9. For URL, enter a URL template like in Browser / other.
  10. Click the back button of the app in the upper left corner

Now, you can enter Trovu queries which will be redirected to your browser.

Firefox for Android

Firefox allows adding custom search engines: Any URL with a %s placeholder works.

  1. Tap on the address bar
  2. Tap on 🔍 Search engine
  3. Tap on ⚙️ Search engine settings
  4. Tap on ➕ Add search engine
  5. Tap on Other
  6. Enter a name, e.g. Trovu
  7. Enter the template URL, like for Other
  8. Tap on ✔ (in the upper right corner)

Here is an example setting for the user georgjaehnig:


PWA (Progressive web app)

On many operating systems, you can also install a Progressive web app of Trovu.

  1. Open in the browser.
  2. Open the browser menu.
  3. Tap on Install app.
  4. In the dialog, tap on Install.
  5. In the next dialog, tap on Add to homescreen.
  6. Go to your home screen.
  7. You will find a new icon Trovu. Tap on it. The Trovu PWA will open.
  8. To change the language or country, tap on the language/country in the upper right corner. By tapping on Advanced, you can also set your GitHub account.

Now, you will find the Trovu icon on your phone home screen. Tap on it to open the Trovu PWA.