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To start, you can try out Trovu on its Web UI:

Find shortcuts

To find relevant shortcuts for you, you can

  • click on a tag (yellow background): This will list all shortcuts with this tag,
  • click on a language or country namespace (red background): This will list all shortcuts related to this country or language.

You also can freely search by typing into the input field. The search will match with shortcut keywords, titles, tags and URLs.

You can also filter listed shortcuts. For instance, google will list Google-related shortcuts but only from the Germany namespace.

These filters are available:

  • ns: namespace (full match)
  • tag: tag (full match)
  • url: URL (any fragment)

Call a shortcut

When calling a shortcut, don't forget to

  • start with a keyword, e.g. g berlin
  • separate multiple arguments with a comma, e.g. gd london, liverpool

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