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Migrate from will end its service in October December 2023, with the end of life of Drupal 7.

But its successor is already running. Trovu is a little different to / Serchilo.

This page helps you how to switch to Trovu. Your migration depends on whether you used with or without a personal account.

Without a account

Read how to use Trovu on your device. Make sure you set the correct language and country, either via the URL or Settings.

With a account

In this case, you can migrate your settings and user shortcuts. It should not take longer than 5 minutes.

You must have an account at GitHub. It is free.

  1. Log into GitHub.
  2. Open trovu-data-user.
  3. Fork trovu-data-user into your account. (You find the button on the upper right.)
  4. Within your newly forked repository (it should be under , in the file list click on config.yml and then the 🖊 icon on the upper right to edit it.
  5. In a new tab, log into your account.
  6. Go to My account ➡️ Edit.
  7. At the bottom, find the section Export to Trovu
  8. Replace the contents in the opened config.yml on GitHub with the contents of the config.yml field in
  9. Click on Commit changes.
  10. Do the same for shortcuts.yml.
  11. Call Trovu with
  12. Read how to use Trovu on your device.

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If you have problems or questions, get support.