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Differences to Serchilo and

Trovu is the official successor of Serchilo /

If you know, then you almost know how Trovu works. However, a few things are different:

  • Main difference: search queries are not sent out to the server, all processing is done in the client.
    • This means much more privacy.
  • Country namespaces are not 3-letter but 2-letter-codes, prefixed with a dot, e.g.
    • .de, not deu
    • .pl, not pol
  • Instead in a server database, shortcuts are kept in YAML files, in a subdirectory. There, we can stand on Git's shoulders to keep track of shortcut additions and changes. Pull and merge requests are welcome.
  • Once you open Trovu, all shortcuts are loaded into your client and remain cached there, (until you reload). So even if the Trovu server is down, you can keep using Trovu.
  • If you have personal user shortcuts, for Trovu you host them on your GitHub account.
    • Potentially, this allows us to have private/secret user shortcuts in the future: Instead on GitHub, you could host on your own server, behind password protection, e.g. Not sure if there's a need, if so, please open a ticket.

Read more about how migrate from to Trovu.